A publicly traded Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company. The company manufactures regional airliners, mass transportation equipment, and provides financial services.

Through its fully owned Israeli subsidiary, Bombardier Transportation Israel, the company is heavily involved in the Israeli A1 fast train project. The line links Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and crosses the Green Line using occupied Palestinian land for the exclusive use of Israeli passengers. A1 trains are expected to run in 2018.

In August 2015, the company singed a one billion NIS contract with Israel Railways Corporations, a state-owned company, to provide it with 62 electric engines (Locomotives) which will gradually replace existing diesel locomotives and mainly power the 369 Bombardier railway cars already sold to Israeli Railways by the company.  The company’s engines will power all the A1 fast trains.   

In September 2016, the company was declared one of the final bids for a contract to supply Israel Railways with a fleet of 60 additional railway cars (double deck coaches), which will also be use in the  A1 fast trains to Jerusalem due to open in April 2018.

In a 2015 interview, the company was asked about its operation within the occupied West Bank and in response the president and operating officer of the company, Dr Bertling, said "This is not a problem. What do we provide? Railway systems to all residents, no matter their nationality. There is no apartheid in Israel. Eventually, everyone stands to gain from a good and effective railway, in any area it passes through. As far as we're concerned there is a green light to participate in all bids in Israel, even in upcoming bids over the Jerusalem light rail. It's not in our DNA to deal with political issues."