BlueBird Aero Systemsבלו בירד איירו סיסטמס

4 Haoreg St. POB 5041Industry Park Kadima 60920IsraelTel: 972-9-899-9335website:

Global Presence

The company manufactures and supplies tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for surveillance. The company provides UAVs  to the Israeli Army and the Ministry of Defense. Among these UAVs, that reach a payloads as heavy as 1 Kg, are ‘MicroB’, ‘Blueye’, ‘Boomerang’ and ‘skylieB’. BlueBird products have been used during both air strikes by the Israeli Air Force in the Gaza strip, and in military campaigns in the West Bank.


Major shareholder Ronen Nadir (founder and CEO). Company shareholders: LLC Fiberless Access and PIRAMAL TECHNOLOGIES SA (Switzerland).


Piramal Enterprises Ltd, a multi-national corporation. Primal Systems and Technologies Ltd. was formed in 2012 to lead Primal’s growing Defense and Aerospace business and invested in Bluebird Aero Systems to produce Mini and Micro UAV Market. Primal Enterprises Ltd is also Holding a minority equity stake in BlueBird. 

 BlueBird Aero Systems provides its products to Indian and US army as well. In 2013 the Chilean army that has contracted BlueBird Aero Systems  tactical, mini-unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance use. 

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