BlueBird Aero Systemsבלו בירד איירו סיסטמס

Head office: 8 Hamatechet St., Kadima 60920, Israel Tel + 972-9-8999335 Website:

A private Israeli company that specializes in design, development and production of Micro, Mini and tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

The company provides UAVs to the Israeli army and Ministry of Defense.

BlueBird products have been used during air strikes by the Israeli Air Force during military assaults on Gaza in 2008-9 and 2014 and on Lebanon in 2006. Company UAVs were also used in military campaigns in the West Bank.

According to the company’s website, during the summer of 2014, its SpyLite UAVs “operated around the clock”, and “logged over 700 operational sorties of over 3 hours each” in Israeli military attacks in the West Bank and Gaza. The SpyLite is marketed as ‘combat proven.’


Shareholders: Ronen Nadir (49%), Piramal Technologies (38.6%), Fiberless Access LLC (12%) and Khen Kaplanski (0.4%). Piramal Technologies is part of the Piramal Group, a large Indian business conglomerate.

CEO: Ronen Nadir


The company holds a 49% stake in Cynient Solutions & Systems (CSS), a joint venture in India. The remaining shares are held by Cynient (NSE:Cynient).


Company clients include the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Hellenic Police and Ethiopian Army

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