Binyanei Bar Amana Construction and Development
בנייני בר-אמנה

Head office: 13 Kleremon Geno, Jerusalem Tel: +972-2-5322225 |


The company is a subsidiary of the settlement movement Amana which is involved in
construction in settlements and outposts.

The company is involved in construction projects in the following settlements in the
occupied West Bank: Adora, Elazar, Beit Hagai, Beit Yattir, Bruchin, Barkan, Dolev, Tal
Menasheh, Talmon, Teneh Omarim, Yitzhar, Yakir, Tapuah, Kerem Ra’im, Karmei
Shila, Carmel, Maon, Ma’aleh Haver, Ma’aleh Levonah, Neve Tsuf, Nof Hashekd Kiryat
Arba, Nofe Shema’a, Nofim, Susya, Ateret, Einav, Eli, Ofra, Otniel, Almog, Kiryat
Netafim, Karnei Shomron, Rihan, Shani Livnah and Tal Tzion.

The company is also involved in the construction of 106 housing units and a commercial
center in the settlement of Efrat and 54 housing units in the settlement of Adam (Geva

The company has also carried out the construction of 36 housing units in Katzrin
settlement in the occupied Syrian Golan.



The company is owned by Amana- Gush Emonim Settlement Movement Central Cooperative


The Israeli Civil Administration, The Ministry of Construction and Housing

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