Ben Hasharonבן השרון

Head office: Kadima, 6092000, Israel | Mailing address: P.O. Box 414, Even Yehuda 40500, Israel

A mining and construction company. 

In 2003, Ben Hasharon was contracted to do the planning and physical development of the expansion of the Barkan industrial zone southern section, 300 dunams that include approximately 135 dunams net of industrial plots, for the Samaria Development Co. Including infrastructure and roads and large-scale quarrying in the Barkan stone quarry.

As of 2013, the quarrying at the expansion of the Barkan Industrial zone has ended. However, the company continues to perform construction and development works on the site.


49.2% of the company shares are held by Eyal Gabai (10% directly and 39.2% through Covenant Group and Electra Infrastructure Hofrey Hasharon), 40.8% are held by Electra (through Electra Infrastructure Hofrey Hasharon) and the remaining 10% are held by Yossi Azran (through Caputo Management and investments).


Sister partnerships under Electra Infrastructure Hofrey Hasharon: G Infinity (100%), Hodaya G.D. and Hofrey Hasharon Wuwa Bau

Other companies in the Covenet group: Linom (50%), Typhoon (50%), Shahaf Hasharon (50%), Avgad Nofim (50%), Hod Ventures (50%), A.Y. Energy (50%), Fuelling (67%), Teratec (70%), and Shahaf Europe (30%) – Czech Republic.

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