Barkan Reserve bottle | Mar 2011 | Photographed by Who Profits

Produce and market wines and liqueurs. Own vineyards in the occupied Golan Heights. Use grapes from these vineyards in their wine production.

Used to have their main facility and winery in the industrial zone of the Barkan settlement in the West Bank. As of December 2007 they do not hold any industrial space in the Occupied Territories.

Translated from Barkan Wineries annual report for 2007:

“In the past, the location of the company's vineyard in the Barkan Zone has created a negative image and made it harder to export the ‘Barkan Wineries' products abroad. Especially now, after the production activity has been moved to the Hulda site [i.e. into Israel], the company is working to change this image…”

More information about the involvement of the Israeli wine industry in the occupation of the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights is available in our report: "Forbidden Fruit: The Israeli Wine Industry and the Occupation".