Barad Earth Development & Road Worksברעד חברה לעבודות עפר פיתוח וכבישים בע"מ

34 Yaffa st. Jerusalem, 9422202. Tel.: +972-2-6221823

Barad Earth Development & Road Works Ltd. is a private Israeli construction company. It is involved in construction projects on occupied Palestinian land.

In 2017, it won a NIS 940,800 contract with the Israeli Ministry of Housing and Construction for the pavement of roads in Kiryat Araba settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Barad was also chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to conduct infrastructure work on the seamline expanse, part of the apartheid wall complex. The company was also involved in the construction of a housing project in the West Bank illegal settlement of Har Adar.


Privately owned by Barashi Yakov and Rahel through Kushi Barashi holdings Ltd.

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