Ashtrom Groupקבוצת אשטרום

Head office: 10 Yona Kremnitzky, Tel Aviv, 6789910, Israel Tel: +972-3-6231212

Industrial Zone

Ashtrom is one of the largest Israeli construction and infrastructure companies.

Shortly after the 1967 occupation, Ashtrom started engaging in settlement construction beyond the Green Line. In 1970, the company took part in the construction of the first Israeli settlement neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem. This included the construction of Ramot Polin, a housing project which included 728 housing units and public buildings in the settlement neighborhood of Ramot. Between the years 1974-1980, the company became involved in settlement construction in the occupied Syrian Golan and the Sinai Peninsula, including in the Israeli settlements Yamit and Ofira (both of which were evacuated in 1982 under the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty). In 1994, Ashtrom took part in the establishment of the Beitar Illit settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Through its subsidiary, Ashtrom Jerusalem Prefabrication Industry, the company constructed housing projects in the settlement neighborhoods of GiloRamat Eshkol and Nof Zion, all located in occupied East Jerusalem and in Beitar Illit. Ashdar Building Company, another subsidiary of the group, has built housing projects in the settlements of OranitAlfei MenasheMa’ale Adumim and Beitar Illit.

In 2004, the company won a tender of the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the supply of construction materials for the checkpoints in the Separation Wall.

The company owns Adumit quarry in the Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone in the West Bank.

The Ashtrom Group holds a 50% stake in the CityPass consortium, which built the Red Line of the Jerusalem light rail, which connects settlement neighborhoods in East Jerusalem with the western part of the city. CityPass has operated the light rail since the beginning, but in February 2020, the Israeli government decided to buy back the light rail from the consortium. and A company subsidiary, Ashtrom Engineering and Construction, has built the light rail depot in the settlement neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev. Paving bricks manufactured by Netivei Noy, then a Group subsidiary and today one of its brands, were documented during the construction of the light rail.

The company’s subsidiary Isra-Beton was involved in the construction of the Jerusalem light rail, in addition to operating a concrete plant in the Atarot settlement industrial zone.

The company has carried out projects for Israel Prison Service in Hasharon, Saharonim and Ofer prisoners, where Palestinian political prisoners are held. The company also provides material for costumers in security and prison services.


UNEDCO United Engineering and Development Company Ltd (69.84%); Menorah Mivtachim Holdings Ltd (8.33%); The Phoenix (4.53%)

Chairman: Avraham Nussbaum

Managing Director: Gil Gueron


Ashtrom Development and Investment Co. Ltd. (100%); Ashtrom Holdings Ltd. (100%); CityPass Ltd. (29%); CityPass Operator Limited Partnership (29%); Connect Jerusalem (Light Rail) Ltd. (100%); Ashtrom Technologies Ltd. (100%); Base Pile Ltd. (100%); Drachim (A.C.) Construction and Infrastructures Ltd. (100%); Ashtrom Constracting Ltd (100%); Ashtrom Engineering and construction Ltd. (100%); Ashtrom Jerusalem (100%); Ashcrete Industrialized Construction Plants Ltd (100%); M.L.T Buildings Ltd (100%); Ashtrom Construction North Ltd. (100%); Ashdar Building Co. Ltd. (100%); Ashdar Tama 38 Ltd. (100%); Neot Ashdar Bat Yam Limited Partnership (88%); Ashdar Initiation and Construction (1997) Ltd. (100%); Blue Marine Ltd. (27.5%); Ashtrom Industries Ltd. (100%); Netivey Beitar Ltd. (100%); B.G. Technologies Ltd. (55%); Ashbond Ltd. (50%); Netivey Adumit (2011) Ltd. (50%); Y. Zahavi Flooring Industry Ltd. (50%); Sorek Quarrying Ltd. (25%); Ashtrom Contracting Georgia (100%); Ashtrom International Ltd. (100%); ABS Development Corporation (100%); Ashtrom B.V. (100%); Ashtrom Serbia Holding CV (100%); Navipor Investment Ltd. (100%); A.B. Investii Si Constructii SRL (80%); Duoro Habitat (95%); Ashtrom Jamaica Ltd. (95%); Ashtrom Properties Ltd. (49.17%); Ashtrom Ltd (100%); Central Hali A.D. (100%); ABD DOO (100%).


Company clients include: Israeli Ministry of Transportation, Israeli Ministry of Finance, Israeli Ministry of Defense, National Roads Company of Israel and Israel Railways.

The company is also involved in the construction of Lachish police headquarters.

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