Arza Winery T.R.Z. (Hayotzer Winery)יקב ארזה ת.ר.ז. (יקבי היוצר)

Head office: 15 Haruvit St., Maale Adumim 9851097, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel.: +972-2-5351442

A settlement-based Israeli winery. The winery also owns a Hayotzer Winery.

Arza Winery and Hayotzer Winery are based in the Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank.


Privately owned by Mordecai Shor.

Other members of the Shor family own Zion Fine Wines and Hacormim Winery, also based in the Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone.


In 2017, Hayotzer Winery signed a preliminary agreement with the China-based Pen Dun Group to jointly build an 8 million USD winery in the Hubei province in China. Hayotzer will hold a 20%-25% stake in the venture and advise the winery on winemaking and viticulture.

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