AnyVision Interactive Technologies אניויז'ין אינטראקטיב טכנולוג'יס בע"מ

Head office: 26 Harokmim, Holon 5885849, Israel., Tel: +972 (52) 6906796. | USA office: 152 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York, USA. | Northern Ireland office: Concourse Building 2, Unit 1 – Ground Floor, Queens Road, Queens Island, Belfast.

AnyVision is a private Israeli company specializing in the development of face, body and object-recognition software.

The company’s software can be integrated into cameras of any type, equipping them with recognition capabilities. The company is involved in two projects of the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank. The first involves a system installed in military checkpoints that use AnyVision technology to identify who has a work permit and who does not. To work within the Green Line and in Israeli settlements, Palestinians must obtain a work permit issued by Israel’s security apparatus. One can only apply for a work permit if they have a biometric ID card, over 22years old and married.

The second, a more classified project, implemented within the West Bank and outside the military checkpoints. The project utilizes the company’s facial recognition technology, to latch on already existing CCTV cameras network, equipping them with facial recognition capabilities and thus heightening military monitoring and surveillance of Palestinians. In 2018, AnyVision received an award by the Israeli Ministry of Defense for its role in the project.

The company’s technology has also been used by the Israeli police as part of its surveillance apparatus in occupied East Jerusalem, where the primary target are the city’s Palestinian residents.

The company’s software has been installed in over 100,000 cameras, in 43 countries as part of some 350 projects. The software operates on real-time scanning and cross-analysis of data collected from various sources, including open-source data collection.

AnyVision has some 240 employees working out of its offices in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Mexico and Singapore. It also has a team of 30 PhD researcher based in Belfast, occupied Northern Ireland.


AnyVision was founded in 2015 by CEO Eylon Etshtein, CTO Prof. Neil Robertson and Shlomo Ben-Artzi.

Company shareholders include Digiti LLC, Holding Shares A.V. LTD, Robert Bosch Investment Nederland, Note Funding 18922 LLC, Lightspeed Venture Partners XII LP, Qualcomm Ventures LLC, Swarth Group LTD, as well as other Israeli and international investment funds and individual investors.

In June 2019, the company raised a total amount of 74 million USD in the company’s Series A funds financing. These were raised in the form of investment made by: M12  (Microsoft venture fund), DFG Grwoth, OG Technology Partners, LightSpeed Venture Partners, Robert Bosch GmbH, Qualcomm Ventures and Eldridge Industries.


  • In March 2020, Microsoft announced it will divest its stakes in AnyVision, citing its mass surveillance of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.


Microsoft, NVIDIA, Axis Communications, Milestone, Telefonica, Johnson Controls, Genetic, Bank Hapoalim, Bosch, Orion and Qualcomm.

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