Amir Marketing and Investment in Agriculture
עמיר שיווק והשקעות בחקלאות

Head Office: 10 Zvi HaNahal St., P.O.B 12115, Emek Hefer I.Z., 38777 Tel: +972- 4-6120202

A public company which markets agricultural products and food mixture for farm animals for private farmers.

The company operates branches in the settlements of Tomer and Naama in the occupied Jordan Valley.



The company is owned by Amir (71.97) and Michael Mendelson (1.87%)

President- Dov Amitai

CEO- Michael Mendelson


Amir Factories 1975 Ltd (100%); Amir Dagan Marketing (1996) Ltd (100%); Amir Dagan Feed Mill (99.9%); Amir Foreign Personnel Services M.M. Ltd (100%); Triple A.K.C General Partnership (66.67%)


The company is the representative of several Israeli and international companies, such as: Netafim, NaanDan Jain, Elgo, Plastro, Polysack, Bermad, Arad, Agrica, John Deere, Matabi-Goizper, ASP-PAK, Plastika Kritis, Veripack-Veriplast, Freudenberg, ITW, Benitex-Beniplast.

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