Amir Marketing and Investments in Agriculture
עמיר שיווק והשקעות בחקלאות בע"מ

Head office: 10 Tsvi HaNahal St. Emek Hefer Industrial Park, Israel Tel.: +972-4-6120200

A publicly traded Israeli company that supplies, imports and markets agricultural products, and manufactures food blends for Farm animals. The company also owns real estate assets.

The company operates branches in the settlements of Tomer and Na’ama in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.


The company is controlled by Amir Hervra Lehaspaka Shel Hitachdut Haikarim Beisrael Ltd. who holds 70.97% shares. Other major shareholders include: Yelin Lapidot Holdings Management Ltd (7.73%), Chairman of Board Dov Amitay (1%).

Chairman: Dov Amitay

CEO: Guy Binshtok


Amir Factories 1975 Ltd (100%); Amir Dagan Marketing (1996) Ltd (100%); Amir Dagan Feed Mill (99.9%), Breath of Life International Ltd (BOL Pharma) (39.3%).


ASP-PAK (Macedonia), GOIZPER S. Coop. (Spain), PLASTIKA KRITIS S.A. (Greece), Wipak (Spain), ITW – Illinois Tool Works (USA), Freudenberg SE (Germany), Beniplast Benitex S.A. (Spain), John Deere (US).

The company is the representative of several Israeli companies such as:  Adama, Netafim, Rivulis, Haifa Group and ICL Fertilizers.

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