Aluminum Construction C.L. Israelאלומיניום קונסטרקשיין

Head office: 8 Ophira St. POB 17, Mishor Adomim I.Z. 98510, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel.: +972-2-5352581

Manufactures aluminum for screen walls and for the construction industry. The company is located in the industrial zone of Mishor Adumim in the occupied West Bank.

The company also holds a serious record with regards to Palestinian workers’ rights. In January 2011, four Palestinian workers who pursued judicial remedies were pressured and threatened by the company to relinquish their rights under Israeli law, including their social rights.  In the aftermath of the workers’ refusal to sign, the company fired them. In July 2012, it also sued three of them, citing vandalism as the offense. Simultaneously, these workers were summoned to a police interrogation and consequently stripped off their work permits.


The company is privately owned by Ram Bone.

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