Alon Groupקבוצת אלון

Head office: France Building, Europark P.O. Box 10, Yakum 60972, Israel Tel.: +972-9-9618500

Alon Group is a holding company which has several companies involved in the occupation.

Alon Group owns Dor Alon, a petrol company, which has a monopoly over the supply of petroleum to the Gaza strip. Dor Alon also has several gas stations and convenience stores in different Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Alon Group owns Blue Square, a retail chain which has branches and offices in multiple settlements throughout the West Bank.


Major shareholders: Bielsol (David Wiessman and the Biran Family) 39%, Kibbutzim 35%.


Subsidiaries: Alon USA (NYSE: ALJ), Dor Alon (TASE: DRAL). Alon Group owns 72% of Blue Square (Ribua Kahol) (NYSE and TASE: BSI).


Alon USA (NYSE: ALJ) owns 4 Oil Refineries, and the FINA brand name for gas stations and over 170 7-Eleven convenience stores throught the US.

The Alon Group is the franchisee of KFC and Pizza Hut in Israel, and holds 49% of the shares of Diners Club Israel.

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