Ahdut Factory for Tehina Halva and Sweets (Ahdut - Achva)
אחוה - אחדות

P.O. Box 79, Barkan I.Z. 44820, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Tel: +972-3-9068020 www.halva.co.il

A manufacturer of sesame products: tahini, halva and sweets.

The company is headquartered in the Barkan industrial zone in the West Bank, in which the company operates a factory and its main offices. The company also runs a larger production site in the nearby industrial zone of Ariel West.

The company is a major provider of tahini for the Israeli military.

Company products are sold in Europe under a misleading label, which doesn’t indicate the location of Ahdut’s production sites in the occupied Palestinian territory. In the Israeli market, company products are sold under different brand names, such as: Harduf, Live, Adama, Nitzat HaDuvdevan and Ahdut-Achva. In the cases of Harduf, Adama and Nitzat HaDuvdevan, packages do not list an address for the producer.


Owned by Tzippi and Ya’akov Mal’ach (CEO).

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