Ahava Dead Sea Laboratoriesאהבה מעבדות ים המלח

Head office: Arava 1, Airport City, Lod Airport, Isarel Tel: +972-3-5571111 www.ahava.co.il | Factory and Visitor Center: Mitzpe Shalem 86983, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: +972-2-9945123


Manufactures cosmetic products using minerals from the Dead Sea.

The company’s production site, visitor center and main store are located in the Mitzpe Shalem settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.

Since June 2015, publications announce that Ahava intends to relocate its factory from the settlement of Mitzpe Shalem to the town of Ein Gedi within the Green Line. The company itself stated that the factory in Ein Gedi would be additional to its existing factory in Mitzpe Shalem. Recent photos taken at the Ahava plant in Mitzpe Shalem indicate that Ahava’s factory and visitor center in Mitzpe Shalem are still operational.

The company’s products are sold in Europe under a misleading label, which doesn’t indicate the name of the settlement the factory is located in.

Ahava extracted mud from occupied territory on the shores of the Dead Sea. In May 2011, the Israeli civil administration confirmed that Ahava holds a license to operate a mud excavation site from the occupied area of the Dead Sea since 2004 and it is the only company licensed to do so. The Civil Administration also confirmed that it was an active excavation site.

Who Profits documented Ahava’s mud barrels stored in the company’s production site in Mizpe Shalem settlement in April 2013. The same barrels were presented in Ahava’s PR video that was published in 23 November 2014.

In April 2016, the Israeli Civil Administration responded to Who Profits inquiry from 2015 that Ahava no longer holds a license to operate a mud excavation site in the occupied part of the Dead Sea area. This response was reaffirmed in November 2016 and was published in an update.

However, a visit to Ahava’s Mitzpe-Shalem production site in November 2016 revealed that the mud barrels are still lined up in separate sections for empty, full and waiting “in process” in the company’s production site in Mitzpe Shalem settlement.

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In February 2016, all the shares of Ahava – Dead Sea Laboratories were sold to the Chinese company Fuson.

The profit from the sale for the current shareholders – Gaon Holdings and the Livnat family (35%), Mitape Shalem settlement (35%), Shamrock Holdings (18.5%), Dead Sea Kibutz (6.5%) and the settlement of Kalia (5%) – amounts to some NIS 300 million.


The company operates Ahava stores in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Eilat and the settlement of Mitzpe Shalem. In addition, Ahava operates stores in Budapest, Hungary; Berlin, Germany; Seoul, Korea; 5 stores in Singapore and 3 stores in the Philippines.


Raw materials suppliers: Lonza (Lonza Group); Zschimmer and Schwarz Italiana S.p.A; Eigenmann and Veronelli S.p.A.; Lanxess Distribution GmbH and YS Ashkenazi Agencies; Dead Sea Works (known in Hebrew as Mifaley Yam Hamelah); Zohar Dalia; C.E. Roeper (Germany); Faci Metalest (Italy); ISP – International Specialty Products, part of Ashland – a public company, traded in the NYSE (NYSE: ASH); Purac (the Netherlands).

Services and machinery: Delek Israel Fuel, Amnir Recycling industries, Moked team 5 security, Sanwa, SDMO industries and Shmerling-Synchro Energy Engineering (France), Volvo Penta

Ahava is participating in a three-year “Pepticaps” project funded by the EU under Horizon 2020. The project began in 5 October 2015 and is due to end in 4 October 2018. The total cost of the project is EUR 3,852,293,75, and it is fully funded by the EU.

Ahava’s participates in EU funded projects under the EU FP7 program:
Ahava coordinates SuperFlex, a 9,386,165 Euro research project under the EU’s FP7 program, from 1 September 2013 until 31 August 2017.
Ahava is also a participant in the SmartNano project, a 4,458,267 Euro project funded under the EU’s FP7 program from 1 June 2012 until 31 May 2016. The project is coordinated by Fundacion Cidetec, Spain.

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