Ahava factory and visitor's center | Mitzpe Shalem settlement | June 2009 | Photographed by CODEPINKAhava factory and visitor's center | Mitzpe Shalem settlement | October 2010 | Photographed by CODEPINKClosed military zone in the occupied area of the Dead Sea | October 2010 | Photographed by Who ProfitsDirection sign to the Ahava visitors center | Mitzpe Shalem checkpoint | March 2011 | Phtographed by Keren Manor, ActiveStills Ahava product is labeled as made in Israel, whereas the zip code, 86983, is the zip code for Mitzpe Shalem | Rickys Ney-York | Nov.2010 | Photographed by CODEPINKAhava bath salt is labeled as made in the “Dead Sea, Israel”. Only the Hebrew label hints that the product was manufactured in the West Bank as it provides the zip code of the Mitzpe Shalem settlement | Amsterdam | April 2012 | Photographed by Brechtje Van Bergen

Manufactures cosmetic products using minerals from the Dead Sea.

The company's factory and visitor's center is located in the Mitzpe Shalem settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley. In addition, Ahava is partially owned by the settlement of Mitzpe Shalem and Kalia. The company's products are sold in Europe under a misleading label, which doesn't indicate the name of the settlement the factory is located in.

The company uses mud which is excavated from the occupied Palestinian area in its products.

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