Agro Starאגרו סטאר

Tzvi Hanahal 14, P.O.B. 12115, Emek Hefer Industrial Park 38777, Israel Tel:+972-9-7603020 |

Marketer and exporter of agricultural produce. Agro-Star’s products include herbs, bell peppers, citrus fruits, lychees, mangos, strawberries, avocados, bananas and asparagus.

Agro-Star is part of the Bar-Magen Group, which specializes in food and supplements for farm animals.

The company’s packages were found in Na’aran settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.

Agro-Star is involved in the trading and purchasing of agricultural produce from contract growers located in Israel (mangoes, lychees and avocados), Peru (mangoes and avocados) and West Africa. Export and trading activities are carried out primarily in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United States and Canada.

The company’s brands include: Fuerte, Haas, Ettinger, Arad.