Agrexco Carmel Agricultural Export Company
אגרקסקו כרמל חברה ליצוא חקלאי

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Exports flowers, spices and herbs, peppers, tomatoes, citrus, Strawberries, Avocadoes, pomegranates and organic produce from Israel, Palestine and the occupied Palestinian teritories. some of its produce is grown in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

In September 2011, Agrexco started a formal liquidation process and most of the farmers and packing houses that worked with the company moved to work with other Israeli marketing companies. For more information about the other major agriculture export companies, see Who Profits Flash-report.

Yet, Agrexco renewed its activity after it was purchased on October 2011 by the Gideon Bickel, the owner of Bickel flowers and of the Bickel export and trade group. For more information about Agrexco’s activity renewal see Who Profits’ update: Agrexco is back in Business. Since January 2012 it has been exporting agricultural produce to Europe, North America and South East Asia.

The company maintained its common Brand names: Carmel, Carmel Bio Top (organic produce) and Jaffa.

Since the reestablishment of Agrexco, it has regained contracts with a large percentage of the growers that used to work with the company, including leading flowers, potatoes, avocadoes, citrus and pomegranates growers. Large agricultural organizations, such as the Israeli farmers association, unions and lobby, expressed their support in the new Agrexco.

The new Agrexco operates an agricultural crop in the settlement of Tomer in the occupied Jordan Valley and an organic crop in the settlement of Kalia in the occupied Dead Sea area. The new agrexco is also active in Patza’el and Tomer settlements in the Jordan Valley. The company also markets Dana cherry tomatoes that were packed in the settlement of Tomer in the occupied Jordan Valley and organic herbs under the label Ecofresh that were packed in Na’aran settlement’s packing house. In addition, the new Agrexco exports produce from the Netiv Hagdud settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.

The new Agrexco exports cut flowers, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and vine tomatoes from Gaza. Two-thirds of the strawberries exported by Carmel Agrexco are Palestinian strawberries of Gazan farmers. These products are marketed under the Coral brand name. Agrexco handles refrigeration, storage, ground, air and sea transportation, as well as documentation, marketing and sales to market destinations in East and West Europe.

The new Agrexco also exports Palestinian produce from the West Bank. The Palestinian strawberry brands of the company are Orli, Sandra, Dazi and Zohar. Agrexco’s strawberry brands are in high demand in Europe and are sold in leading chain stores such as the British Marks and Spencer and the Dutch Valdi.

The company also markets to the European market spices from India, Morocco, Spain and Ethiopia, grapes from Egypt, avocadoes from South Africa, strawberries from Ethiopia and lime from Brazil. In addition, it grows strawberry crops for export to China, India, South Africa and South America and sells them in the local markets.

In a court case in November of 2006, the General Manager of Agrexco UK at that time, Amos Orr, testified that Agrexco markets 60-70% of the agricultural produce grown in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.