Afikim - Public Transportationאפיקים שרותי תחבורה מתקדמים

Head Office: 10 HaA'mal St., Rosh HaA'yin, 4809234, Israel Tel: +972- 73-7056000 |

An Israeli bus service company. The company operates buses in the West Bank.

The company operate lines in the occupied West Bank, which serve dozens of settlements, such as: Ariel, Imanuel, Padoel, Beitar Ilit, Alfei Menashe, Barkan, Ornait, Har Bracha, Nokdim, Karnei Shomron, Kdumim, Tapoah, Etz Efraim, Itamar, Nofim, Maaleh Efraim, Maale Adumim, Elkana, Tsufin and Shevi Shomron.

Bus number 422 that goes from Jerusalem to Bnei Brak, and 425 that goes from Jerusalem to Pitah Tikva, both pass through the settlement of Ramot in occupied East Jerusalem and the settlements of Giva’at Zeev and the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council in the occupied West Bank.

The company holds an official segregation policy. In 2013, after settlers’ complaints about riding with Palestinians, the company decided to operate two bus lines exclusively for Palestinians. In addition, some of the company’s bus drivers refuse to carry Palestinian passengers.