The company develops, manufactures and markets unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for governments all around the world and for military and civilian entities in Israel. The company also supplies aerial intelligence surveillance products. Company products are manufactured through its subsidiaries’ direct material support; its technological equipment is supplied by Commtact,  the navigation systems by Al Cielo, and the artillery fuse by Orion.

The company is the first Israeli civilian company to carry out all-inclusive operational missions for the Israeli army, some taking place in Gaza and the West Bank. It has been outsourcing its visual intelligence services for field security to the Israeli forces since 2002. 

The company also holds shares in Controp Precision Technologies, which provides electro-optical intrusion detection systems for the separation wall in the West Bank. Controp is also involved in a joint project with Tomcar and Elbit, developing UAVs for military purposes, and providing cameras for UAVs used by combat units of the Israeli army in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

RT, Aeronautics' subsidiary, supplied its surveillance ballon "SkyStar" to the Israeli army that have deployed it in its consequteve assaults on Gaza; Cast Lead incursion (2006), Pillar of Defense (2008-2009), and Protective Edge (2014) during which the Israeli army operated 13 RT balloons.

In the summer of 2014, RT has also supplied the Jerusalem Municipality five surveillance balloons as part of the security apparatus of the Jerusalem light rail in occupied East Jerusalem. The RT balloons were also positioned in the Palestinian neighborhood of Shuafat and in the Israerli settlement neighborhood of the French Hill.

Aeronautics, joitnly with Motorola, developed the "Stronghold" surveillance technology that includes radars and cameras, the technology is installed in dozens of settlements in the West Bank.  

Additionally, In 2009, Aeronautics has been also contracted by the Dutch Ministry of Defense in a 200 million Shekel deal to supply Dutch forces in Afganistan with “Aerostar” UAVs. In 2011, through its subsidiary RT, the company has been also contracted by the American Army in Afginstan to supply it with the “SkyStar 180” surveillance balloons.