AdaFresh Export Pacakging House | Jordan Valley | Apr 2009 | Photographed by Kav LaOvedAdaFresh Pacakges | Ro'i Settlement | Apr 2009 | Photographed by Kav LaOved

Exporter of agricultural produce, mainly fresh herbs, bell peppers and tomatoes.

The company exports products from settlements in the occupied Jordan Valley, including products of Eitan and Inon Herbs from the settlement of Na'ama.

AdaFresh's boxes were apotted in the settlement of Roi, Na'aran and Tomer. The company's packing house, in the Argaman settlement, is an organic packing house run by Yoram Ozeri.

Much of the company’s produce is organic, certified by Agrior. 

AdaFresh's products are sold in the UK, Belgium and other European countries under the brandname ‘Adafresh’.

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