Ability Inc.אביליטי תעשיות מחשבים ותוכנה

Head office: Yad Harutzim 14 Tel Aviv, Israel, 6770007 Tel.: +972-3-6879777 www.interceptors.com | Ariel facility: 10/28-30 HaAvoda St., Ariel, Occupied Palestinian Territory

A publicly traded Israeli holding company that specializes in off-air interception of voice, SMS and data communication from cellular and satellite communication networks through its subsidiaries Ability and ASM. The company is listed on both NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The company’s installation and quality assurance facilities are located in the settlement of Ariel in the occupied West Bank.


Major shareholders: Anatoly Hurgin (17.33%), Alexander Aurovsky (17.33%), Sabby Management (9.63%) and Hudson Bay (5.12%)

CEO: Anatoly Hurgin

The company is publicly traded on NASDAQ and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ABIL.


Ability Computer & Software Industries Ltd (100%) and Ability Security Systems Ltd (100%)


Diamond Aircraft

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