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the role of the private sector in the Israeli occupation economy

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Category of Involvement

Settlement Enterprise

This category of involvement encompasses all commercial activities linked to the establishment, sustainment and expansion of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land.

Economic Exploitation

This category of involvement encompasses all commercial activities linked to the exploitation of occupied Palestinian and Syrian land, resources and labor.

Population Control

This category of involvement encompasses corporate involvement in Israel’s brutal, restrictive and increasingly privatized systems of control over Palestinian and Syrian communities.

دور شركات التكنولوجيا العملاقة في اقتصاد الاحتلال الاسرائيلي

عبر هذا التقرير الديناميكي، تقدم Who Profits بحثا يحاول دراسة الطرق المتنوعة التي تدعم بها شركات التكنولوجيا العملاقة اقتصاد الاحتلال الإسرائيلي من خلال توفير البنية...

The Role of Big Tech in the Israeli Occupation Economy

Big Tech’s Multinational Corporations (MNCs) work to bolster the Israeli occupation economy through the provision of infrastructure, technology, knowledge, and products to both civil and military institutions. Who Profits’ new Dynamic Report centralizes profiles of the Tech MNCs...


Dispossession Through Bureaucracy in Occupied Jerusalem

In this update, Who Profits sheds light on Israel’s weaponization of bureaucratic processes to advance its long-standing agendas of illegal settlement expansion and Judaization, while at the same time controlling, concentrating and minimizing the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem. We examine...

التهجير من خلال البيروقراطيّة في القدس المحتلّة

يسلّط المركز، في هذه الإحاطة، الضوء على تعزيز إسرائيل للإجراءات البيروقراطيّة من أجل الدّفع قدمًا بأجنداتها طويلة المدى المتمثّلة في التوسع الاستيطانيّ غير...


Developments in the expansion of the JLR network: The J-Net project

Following Who Profits’ previous work, this update presents the latest developments in the expansion of the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) network and corporate complicity in the J-Net project, including the construction, operation and expansion of the Red Line, and the establishment of the new Green...

Insuring Dispossession The Complicity of Five Israeli Insurance and Pension Companies in the Violation of Palestinian Rights

In this flash report, Who Profits investigates the activities of five major Israeli insurance companies and pension funds – Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings, Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services, Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Limited, Phoenix Holdings and Menorah...