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the role of the private sector in the Israeli occupation economy

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Category of Involvement

Settlement Enterprise

This category of involvement encompasses all commercial activities linked to the establishment, sustainment and expansion of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land.

Economic Exploitation

This category of involvement encompasses all commercial activities linked to the exploitation of occupied Palestinian and Syrian land, resources and labor.

Population Control

This category of involvement encompasses corporate involvement in Israel’s brutal, restrictive and increasingly privatized systems of control over Palestinian and Syrian communities.

Industrial Zones in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

In this dynamic report Who Profits takes a close look at Israeli Industrial Zones (IZs) constructed on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It also provides a provisional but substantive, list of Israeli and international corporations operating in Israeli IZs constructed...

Agribusiness as Usual Agricultural Technology and the Israeli Occupation

In this report, Who Profits shows that Israeli agritech companies are deeply complicit in the ongoing occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land. The report exposes the contribution of agritech firms to agriculture in illegal settlements and examines their role in the Israeli blockade of Gaza. It...


Profiting through Dispossession: Another Side of Airbnb's Complicity

The update highlights Airbnb’s overlooked complicity in the plunder of Palestinian refugee properties in 1948 territories (inside the “Green Line”). Additionally, it looks in detail at the company’s decision to continue the listings of settlement properties.

Cisco's Involvement in the Israeli Occupation

Through its fully owned Israeli subsidiary, Cisco – Israel, Cisco Systems has a diverse portfolio of complicity with Israel’s decades’ long occupation. Cisco is involved in setting up technological hubs on occupied land, expanding visual surveillance in Jerusalem and delivering IT...


Spanish multinational CAF and Israeli Shapir win tender to expand the Jerusalem light rail

This update highlights the recent developments in the expansion of the Jerusalem Light Rail system- the extension of the existant Red Line of the train and the construction and maintainance of the new Green Line. The update  exposes the instrumental  involvement of the Spanish multinational...

Greenwashing the Golan The Israeli Wind Energy Industry in the Occupied Syrian Golan

This flash report investigates four commercial wind farm projects currently under development in the occupied Syrian Golan, exposing the involvement of the private sector in their construction and operation.