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the role of the private sector in the Israeli occupation economy

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Category of Involvement

Settlement Enterprise

This category of involvement encompasses all commercial activities linked to the establishment, sustainment and expansion of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land.

Economic Exploitation

This category of involvement encompasses all commercial activities linked to the exploitation of occupied Palestinian and Syrian land, resources and labor.

Population Control

This category of involvement encompasses corporate involvement in Israel’s brutal, restrictive and increasingly privatized systems of control over Palestinian and Syrian communities.

Tools of Dispossession in the Naqab: Development and Military Projects

On this interactive map, Who Profits highlights several ongoing developmental and military projects in their various stages of implementation, illustrating how Israel’s long-standing policies to Judaize and industrialize serve to dispossess the Naqab’s Palestinian Bedouin...

Tools of Dispossession in the Naqab - Virtual Launch Event

Virtual launch event of Who Profits’ interactive map Tools of Dispossession in the Naqab: Development & Military Projects,  held on 9 January 2022, with Dr. Mansour Nassasra and Riya Al’Sanah.


What is HPE's Current Involvement in the Israeli Occupation Industry?

In this update, Who Profits sheds light on the new developments concerning HPE’s involvement in the Israeli occupation. Our findings reveal that the Aviv system is being phased out and replaced with a different system developed by the American public company IBM. However, HPE remains involved...

Top Sky Line Engineering Systems: Profiting from Bolstering Israel’s Repressive Security Apparatus

Top Sky Line is a private Israeli company that is generating profits from enhancing Israel’s highly repressive security apparatus. The company is a supplier of security services to the Israeli Prison Services (IPS), where Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated. It also provides services...


IBM: A Major Facilitator of Israel's Surveillance and Security Apparatus

This company feature introduces IBM, one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and its current significant involvements in Israeli security and military apparatus, mainly by facilitating Israel’s pervasive surveillance of occupied populations. Through its two fully owned Israeli...

The Design City Shopping Complex Built on Occupied Palestinian Land

This update exposes corporate complicity in the new shopping complex “Design City” opened in July 2021, and built in the Mishor Adumim settlement IZ, located within the municipal boundaries of the Ma’ale Adumim settlement in the occupied West Bank. Design City amplifies the role of private...