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1 Aluma (The Best Produce)(אלומה (דה-בסט פרודיוס Russia, North America, Western Europe Israel, Occupied Territories
Aluma is a fruit and vegetables export company. The company exports peppers, courgettes, melons, grapes and tomatoes. In addition, the company exports organic cherry tomatoes, peppers and melons from the occupied Dead Sea area, as well as grapes and dates from the occupied Jordan Valley....
2 CRH (Formerly: Cement Roadstone Holdings)- - Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Belgium, Italy, UK, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, US, Canada, Argentina, Chile, China, India, Ukraine, Switzerland Ireland
A multinational manufacturer and distributor of building materials and an operator of DIY stores. CRH is incorporated in Ireland where it ranks as the second largest Irish company. The company holds 25% of the shares of Mashav Initiating and Development, a holding company, which is the...
3 A. Barkan and Co.א. ברקן ושות' Israel
A construction and development company. The company constructs and develops housing projects in multiple settlements, including housing projects in the settlements of Ma'aleh Adumim, Beithar Illit, Alon Shvut and Efrat. In addition, it constructed a Yeshivat Hesder (a religious collage...
4 A.B. Planא.ב. פלאן Israel
A company which specializes in economic planning services for transportation projects. The company was contracted in 2005 by the Israeli ministry of transportation and Israel Railways to provide an aconomic feasibility study for the railways development plans. In 2008 it submitted...
5 A.L. Five Starsא. ל. חמישה כוכבים Israel
A wholesaler of food products, mainly candies and sweets. The company's storage is located in the Barkan industrial zone, which is an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.
6 A.M.S. Barzani Brothersא.מ.ש. האחים ברזני Israel
A construction company. The company was contracted by the Israeli ministry of transportation to b built the Jerusalem "ring road" connecting the settlements around Jerusalem with the city.
7 Abadi Bakery מאפיית עבאדי (יוסף ושמחה עבאדי) Australia, UK, Italy Occupied Territories
Manufactures bagel cookies and crackers. The company offices and factory are located in Atarot Industrial Zone, which is an Israeli industrial settlement in the occupied West Bank.
8 Ability Computer and Software Industriesאביליטי תעשיות מחשבים ותוכנה Israel, Occupied Territories
A security firm specialized in military intelligence and communications. The company develops and provides interception and decryption communication solutions to security and intelligence agencies, military forces, police and homeland security services...
9 Ace Hardwareאייס USA Israel
A chain of hardware stores, a franchisee of the American Ace Hardware chain. The chain owns a store in the Israeli settlement of Ma'ale Edomim in the West Bank.
10 Ackerstein Industriesאקרשטיין תעשיות USA Israel
The Israel-based company manufactures paving stones, concrete walls, roof tiles and other products for the construction industry. Ackerstein manufactured and supplied its concrete slabs and construction products to the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the construction of the separation...
11 AdaFreshאדאפרש החזקות USA, Netherlands Israel, Netherlands, Occupied Territories, USA
Exporter of agricultural produce, mainly fresh herbs, bell peppers and tomatoes. The company exports products from settlements in the occupied Jordan Valley, including products of...
12 Adanim Tea Company (1991)חברת תה עדנים (1991) Thailand, USA, France, Germany, Spain Israel
Manufactures organic herbal tea. The company uses organic herbs from the occupied Jordan valley for the production of its tea products. Adanim Team Company was established in the settlements of Ofra, but has relocated its factory to Beit...


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