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1 Africa Israel Investmentsאפריקה ישראל להשקעות Central - Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, Panama, Germany Israel
The company has built housing projects in multiple settlements through its subsidiary construction firm, Danya Cebus. As a contractor,...
2 Artivision Technologies ארטיויזן טכנולוגיות וידאו South Africa, Asia - Pacific, Central - Eastern Europe, Spain Singapore
Produces video contents analysis tools. The company is based in Singapore, with the R&;D center in Israel. Its perimeter surveillance security product was supplied, through its distributor in Israel (...
3 B. Gaon Holdingsב. גאון אחזקות North America, Central - Eastern Europe, Western Europe Israel
An investment company. The company is one of the owners of Ahava, Ace Hardware, Arava Export Growers,...
4 Baran Group קבוצת ברן Africa, North America, Thailand, Central - Eastern Europe, Chile, Western Europe Israel
A provider of engineering, technology and construction services. The company managed the construction project of section A of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem fast train line (A1), including bridge 6. Bridge 6, constructed by the...
5 Barkan Mounting Systemsזרועות ברקן Africa, Asia - Pacific, Central - Eastern Europe, North America, Chile, Western Europe Occupied Territories
A manufacturer of mounting systems for consumer electronics. In May 2012, the owner of the company, Mr. Lior Barkan, notified the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) in an e-mail that "the factory in the [occupied] territories was closed, all the production was relocated to China". However...
6 Binyamina Wineryיקבי בנימינה South Africa, Australia, Central - Eastern Europe, Canada, USA, South and Central America, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK Israel
The winery produces, markets and exports wines, and imports alcohol products. It holds settlement vineyards in the occupied Golan Heights. In some of its wines, the winery uses grapes from two settlement vineyard in the occupied West Bank.
7 Cherriessaצ'ריסה Central - Eastern Europe, North America, Western Europe Occupied Territories
Grower and exporter of cherry tomatoes and peppers. The company’s office and groves are located in the Tomer settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.
8 Dan Pri export and international tradeדאן פרי יצוא וסחר בינלאומי Central - Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Europe Israel
Exporter of agricutural produce. The company's boxes were found in Tomer and Na'aran settlements' packing houses in the occupied Jordan Valley. 
9 Distek דיסטק Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, USA, Poland, UK, Norway, Belgium Occupied Territories
Providers of chemicals and equipment for metal surface treatment. Main Markets: Fasteners, Pipes, Railway equipment, Nail manufacturers. The process is known under trademark DiAv-Victocor. The factory is located in the industrial zone of Barkan, which is a settlement in the West Bank.
10 Eden Springs(מעיינות עדן (מי עדן Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK Israel, USA
Extracts and distributes mineral water, markets coffee and espresso machines, home and office water devices. The company uses water from a spring in the occupied Golan Heights. The main plant is located in Katzrin I.Z., which is also...
11 Electraאלקטרה Nigeria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, UK, Belgium Israel
Electra is a conglomerate of Israeli and international companies. A subsidiary of the company, Katzenstein Adler, has a site in the Barkan industrial zone, which is an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. ...
12 Elyahu Zalman & Sons Metal Tubes Industriesאליהו זלמן ובניו תעשית צנורות Africa, Asia - Pacific, India, Central - Eastern Europe, Cyprus, Greece, Middle East, USA, South and Central America Occupied Territories
Manufacture structural steel pipe and tubing products. The factory is located in the Ariel West industrial zone, which is a settlement in the West Bank. Additionally, the subsidiary of the company,...


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